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hi i'm cat. 23 year old Graphic designer and coffee addict living in Brooklyn.
I design animatedtext gifs For my followers PRIDE
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Call me Cat.

This blog began as a mediocre humor blog in fall 2012 when I decided to make it 100% animatedtext.  I started accepting requests not long after that and the rest is history. I was inspired by the 3D text gifs from old Geocities sites and realized that I could make AnimatedText be funny by using Xara 3d Maker. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some pretty cool artists and big brands as a result of this blog. I love getting to know the people who follow me so message me anytime. 

Hobbies: Animated Text & Drawing Conclusions
Heroes: Jeremy Bailey (new media artist) and Paula Scher (graphic designer)
Orientation: Girl Tacos
Relationship Status: Single Pringle
Sign: Aries

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